Sunday, March 26, 2017

RT Project - Pirates and Pilgrims

Last month I managed to paint just one miniature for my RT project game. Happily, this month has been more productive. Here's the first four figures. First off, a couple of pirates.
The guy on the right is a genestealer cultist with head from the Empire Luminark of Hysh kit. Mr Brown is a Reaper Miniatures Space Henchman. Full of hulking, dim-witted character!
Then there are the pilgrims.
One from Axiom's glorious Colony 87 range, and then a GW flagellant with some alternative bits.
What could they possibly be doing all together on the same table? Stay tuned!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Peregrine - 350

A quick update this time. You make some quick progress when every one of these pillars is eleven pieces!
And a couple of bigger views.
Next time will be much more interesting: most of the roof will be done.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Peregrine - 300

Lots more detail stuff this time! The sensor array at the front.
You can also see interior walls and compartments.
Probably the coolest part of the build so far is the toilet! (The blurry bit to the right is the sink.)
Sadly, most of it gets hidden away.

Friday, March 10, 2017

RT Project - Maximum Havoc - a Pulp Alley Game

Phew, life has been busy, so the February game is only going up now. But it was another memorable solo game for the Rogue Trader project. Also, apologies for some blurry photos. I do miss my old compact digital! Anyway, enough chit chat: on with the show.
The Lamenter scouts have discovered a secret chaos base. They must attack and destroy as much much hardware as possible. At the end of each turn, a random number of reinforcements will arrive (the X number on the Fortune cards). In addition, the fire support robot will switch on when the shooting starts, and once it has warmed up, it will enter the fray. (Start of each turn, roll 1d6. Once the total reaches 21, the robot is go.)

The scouts wait for a chance to sneak towards their objectives, but a wandering cultist forces them to get loud.
Clay Moore, the demolitions expert, sets his first charges against the supply crates.
Moore is intercepted as he heads for his next target. Other threats are dealt with in the background.
This guy put up some fight!
But he goes down eventually and Moore presses on.
Back towards the centre of the table, the squad leader has been a bullet magnet as he tries to deal with a number of cultists. He's the first scout to die, nailed by a shotgun blast.
Another target, another explosive.
And this is where things got interesting. Turn 7.
The robot is now operational. As if that wasn't bad enough, the reinforcements for the turn include a cultist flamethrower and a chaos marine! (This is the figure, who in his maiden outing took over thirty shots to take down!)
Moore pulls back and sets off the explosives he's planted so far.
Boom! All three targets destroyed (but I need to make me some nice smoke).
At this point, the scouts face a decision. They can seek to destroy the easy objectives that remain. They can withdraw rather than risk being destroyed by their powerful opposition. Or they can throw everything they have at most valuable and most difficult target, the robot.

Call those options? There's only one thing to do! The scout sniper is first to the target, hoping he can put a shot into a vulnerable spot.
But the robot stomps closer and it turns out the sniper is the one with the vulnerable spot!
By the way, here's the one guy I managed to paint for this scenario this month, making a late appearance in the game, sneaking along behind the robot!
Moore begins hurling grenades, but he fails to dint man or machine. The next turns see him go down four times, only to drag himself up again and again!
Another scout faces the robot and is taken out.
Finally, Moore decides to charge the robot in the faint hope that he can disable it in hand-to-hand.
He is quickly surrounded. He manages to damage the robot, but this tale ends in tragedy rather than triumph.
A failed mission for the scouts (three objectives destroyed, but four left unharmed. Plus the death of the entire team.) However, another great game with a big swing of fortune when the big guns came on for chaos.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

RT Project - the February Game is...

February has come and (almost) gone and it's game time again. I managed to paint one entire figure for this month's game!
This time it's a scenario from the 'New Worlds' section of the plot generator.
I've changed the scenario a little bit: chaos cultists instead of aliens. A Lamenter ship picked up signs of life on a planet previously though to be abandoned. Scouts have been sent to the surface of the planet to investigate. They discover an extensive network of underground facilities. The scouts are instructed to attack and do as much damage as possible as they wait for their marines to deploy.
Lots of juicy targets!
The scouts are go!
Report should be inbound over the weekend.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tropical Island Paradise - a Pulp Alley Game

Vile creatures have been spilling from another dimension. Our heroes have traveled from the desert to the swamps, seeking a way to halt the foul creatures. At last, a portal has led them to a lonely island in the South Pacific. The island is none other than R'Lyeh, the domain of Cthulhu himself.
The leagues must collect four seals, and position them at the compass points surrounding the portal.
The portal itself. Rhys had rigged up a flashing light under this!
The first adventurers onto the island trigger the arrival of a wave of brain creatures.
At the same time, the portal changed colour. Urrk!
The heroes arrive in force, making short work of the brain creatures.
At this point, it looked like we were doing really well. Brain creatures dealt with, characters making for the seals. Too easy!
Then the portal began pulsing faster. And the robot noticed something in the water.
Arrghhh!!!! It's none other than Cthulhu himself!!!
(Rhys did a superb job on this bad boy!)
As Cthulhu rose from the ocean, the land began slipping into it! The small islands are gone.
The robot, immune to the terrors from beyond, stares down Cthulhu.
Cthulhu, immune to the stares of tin contraptions, lays into the robot.
As the robot versus elder god combat unfolds, the tramp steamer captain discovers a slightly smaller boat (hidden behind some rocks???)
Glub, glub, glub. It's beginning to feel a bit crowded.
The heroes have all but one of the seals in place. The mad scientist is having trouble deciphering his.
The bosun has no such difficulties and grabs the seal, bringing it up to the portal. The portal begins flashing rapidly, all sorts of colours.
Then it disappears, taking with it the creatures. The characters who placed the seals are transported back to the swamps from the previous adventure. All but the robot are driven mad by the experience!

Oh, and there's less land too.
But there is a boat! That holds five people...

I was the tramp steamer captain and this was quite the dilemma. My one remaining character was in the boat. Who do I let go first? In the end, I picked the mad scientist. The other player promptly dropped this card!
The mad scientist, in his enthusiasm to get to the boat, stumbles and falls. Everyone else treads very carefully!
Glub, glub, glub... 
The mad scientist has one last card up his sleeve. He's wearing a phase vest. He can pick any spot on the table and move there, but he will scatter 1d6". A 1" scatter and there will be an almighty fight to see who stays in the boat.
Glub, glub, glub... Should have picked the diving suit instead of the phase vest!

Five survive, but another two (Stanley with the rope and Erich with the pistol) also go mad. Just three sane survivors (and a robot stuck in some swamp in the middle of nowhere).

That was definitely one of the best games we've played (and we've played some good ones!) Rhys did a superb job with the terrain and with the scenario and it all came down to a glorious conclusion. It'll take something special to raise the bar again!